Lalco Residency
Surviving The Monsoons Cooking In The Rain feature image

Surviving the Monsoons: Cooking in the Rain

The most marked benefit of the serviced apartment over the hotel room is the fully-equipped kitchen. After all, why endure an extended stay with a cramped mini-fridge that barely holds your doggy bag of restaurant leftovers? A FULL-SCALE FRIDGE stocked with your favorite beverages and snacks isn’t just about health but well being! Eating out can be fun, but sometimes you just need to eat in. Read for more...

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Enjoy Mumbai During Rains

Rainy season is here, and it’s going full throttle in Mumbai currently. Overcast sky, cool breeze and light drizzle have become a constant around the city. This weather brings out the nature lover in lot of us, and many enthusiasts are found taking up the challenge of trekking and exploring the wildlife Mumbai has to offer during Monsoons.

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