Lalco Residency

Taste and Experience Home Cooked Style Food

Lalco Residency is fully furnished service apartment with amenities and food that will make you feel at home. Travelling and staying far from home always reminds us of the comfort and cozy feeling of home cooked food.

At Lalco Residency, we recreate the same feeling of homely food by cooking with utmost care and affection.
Our Team of expert chefs cook food that will tingle your taste buds and register in your memory.


Food is one of the greatest things in life that people of all age, race, or religion enjoy with utmost joy.
Come and be part of the food journey with us.
We at Lalco Residency are happy to serve you with the best that you want.

1. Menus
At Lalco Residency, we have designed and customised menus as per the requirement of the guests. Our Chefs prepare a wide variety of food ranging from classic Indian dishes to quick and comforting continental dishes. We have a special evening snack menu for quick hunger breaks and we have even covered for those late night cravings with over the clock menu which serves meals throughout the night.
2. Cuisines
Indian Cuisine is widely appreciated for its fabulous use of herbs and spices. The cooking style varies from region to region and is largely divided into South Indian & North Indian cuisine. Our team of chefs try to recreate these wonderful dishes from all over India with utmost care and passion. Similarly, Continental and Oriental cuisine is widely popular in India and guests visiting Lalco Residency are from all around the world.
3. Veg
According to a recent survey 30% - 40% of the population in India is Vegetarian. Vegetarian food is widely chosen by Indian guest and to fulfill their needs, we have given a good choice of veg options in the menu for our guests. Our veg options are designed to be appreciated by both vegetarian and non-vegetarians guests. Special care is taken while preparing these items.
4. Snacks
Mouth-watering and tempting snacks both Indian and continental suitable for every mood and taste buds, let it be a slight hunger between meals or evening light meals or late night snacks, we have covered all the requirement in our special menus. A craving for snacks will always be fulfilled at Lalco Residency. We take care in preparing delicacies that suit everyone’s taste buds.

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