Lalco Residency

Safety measures by Lalco Residency for COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

In these difficult times, we wanted to reach out to you, our valued guest, and let you know what we are doing here at Lalco Residency as the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation continues to evolve. We want to assure you the health, safety and security of our guests are our top priorities. We are taking every

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Best activities for kids feature image

Best Activities for Kids

Travelling with kids on a vacation can be hectic. Kids easily get bored and distracted but on the other hand, they love to explore all destinations as they are curious beings and time is never the constraint for them. So why not involve some kid’s fun time in your itinerary and enjoy some tantrum-free and

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The Active Life For Healthier Travels featured image

The Active Life: For Healthier Travels

How are you doing today? We hope you’re feeling fantastic! As a guest of Lalco Residency, your well being is something we care about. We want you to feel at home and welcome to all the facilities available to our valued guests. Staying healthy can be a challenge while you travel, but our serviced apartments offer the host of workout options. Click on activities that will help to maintain...

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Benefits of Yoga

In this hustle and bustle filled life, one often finds oneself completely stressed and wishes for an escape to a peaceful, calm and serene place. Yoga gives you this experience without actually taking that trip away from home!

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Surviving The Monsoons Cooking In The Rain feature image

Surviving the Monsoons: Cooking in the Rain

The most marked benefit of the serviced apartment over the hotel room is the fully-equipped kitchen. After all, why endure an extended stay with a cramped mini-fridge that barely holds your doggy bag of restaurant leftovers? A FULL-SCALE FRIDGE stocked with your favorite beverages and snacks isn’t just about health but well being! Eating out can be fun, but sometimes you just need to eat in. Read for more...

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