Lalco Residency

How Lalco Cafe is Making Delivery Safer?

We know food and health go hand in hand with every bite. In the current situation of Covid, we at Lalco Cafe would like to share some of our safety measures taken by us in order to ensure our food is delivered safely to your home. What we do at Lalco Cafe. Farm

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Top 5 Healthy Things to do in Mumbai

The covid 19 has made us stay at home and may impact our health. It is very important to be healthy and stay fit. Good health can be measured in many ways. Weight, fitness, emotional wellbeing are few of those measures. Here are some small changes you may adapt while in Mumbai to help establish

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Your Everyday Food Boosts Your Immunity

Eating the appropriate food not only helps you stay lean, but boosts your immune system that helps your body fight infections and other diseases. The stronger your immune system, the healthier you will be. This is the reason why eating the right food to increase immunity is essential for your health. Here is a list

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