Lalco Residency
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The Active Life: For Healthier Travels

How are you doing today? We hope you’re feeling fantastic! As a guest of Lalco Residency, your well being is something we care about. We want you to feel at home and welcome to all the facilities available to our valued guests. Staying healthy can be a challenge while you travel, but our serviced apartments offer the host of workout options. Click on activities that will help to maintain your fitness goals.

If you’re into racket sports, you’ll really love all the courts we have on site. You can get fired up with a game of badminton, squash or outdoor tennis. There’s even a room just for table tennis. All the equipment you need, such as rackets and balls, is provided at no additional charge.

If you’re into more relaxing activities, there are pool tables and a yoga room to help you focus and get re-centered. Our pool halls are well kept with cues, balls, and chalk. And for yoga, bring your own mat or feel free use one of ours. We keep all our supplies clean and in good shape, so all you have to do is show up. If you have any special requests, please reach out to one of our attendants so we can accommodate your needs.

As our guest, you have a number of choices when it comes to exercising indoors. And that means that you’ll find staying fit during monsoon season a breeze. It’s just one of the many things we considered for our guests. We hope you’ll enjoy these spaces to maintain a healthy lifestyle as you make Lalco Residency your home away from home.