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Benefits of Yoga

In this hustle and bustle filled life, one often finds oneself completely stressed and wishes for an escape to a peaceful, calm and serene place. Yoga gives you this experience without actually taking that trip away from home!

Yoga is a 5000-year-old body of knowledge that has originated in India. It is a way through which one can attain inner-peace and have a consciousness on par with the universal spirit. Yoga is a mixture of meditation, breathing patterns and exercises which give innumerable benefits to the human body. Here are some of the benefits derived from regular yoga:

1) Master Breathing
Yoga is a regular practice of breathing patterns which stimulates the oxygen level inside the body and provides the great amount of energy which keeps a body energetic throughout the day. It also helps keep people calm and composed during the day without feeling stressed or angry.

2) Physical Fitness
Yoga includes many physical exercises which make a person stretch, twist, turn and breathe in many complex ways. Yoga provides a great alternative to working out at a gym especially when the time is of the essence.

3) Stress Reliever
Stress is something that we feel every day, but yoga helps to combat this stress with simple breathing patterns. It helps the body to concentrate on breathing which in turn makes the mind lighter and rejuvenates the whole body with positive vibes.

4) Weight Loss
Always worried about over-eating? Yoga helps the mind to concentrate on everyday eating patterns through vigorous meditation regimes. It helps us to be more aware and conscious of our eating patterns which reduce over-eating.

5) Better Flexibility and Posture
With regular yoga asanas, one can easily have a flexible body and a very sharp and straight posture. Yoga stretches all the muscles of the body and helps to maintain a bonne-santé.

6) Helps to Combat Migraines
Through yoga asanas like sirsasana or headstand, one can reduce the number of migraines each week. By performing a headstand you allow the oxygen to flow to your brain which in turn reduces migraines.

7) Increases energy
Regular yoga boosts the energy level within the body with complex regimes which increases the oxygen at the cellular level and purifies our body, mind and soul. It increases our physical and mental strength.

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