Lalco Residency

Best Serviced Apartment in Mumbai with 100% Staff Vaccinated

Searching for a hotel in Mumbai is no less than a struggle. And now with the pandemic, safety is another aspect that deserves your full attention. Lalco Residency provides spacious and safe serviced apartments in Andheri. Lalco Residency’s serviced apartments are fully dedicated to providing its guests with sanitized apartments.

All LR’s serviced apartments are cleaned and sanitized as per the strictest guidelines issued by the government and world health authorities.
Still, wondering if you are making the right choice to choose LR? Here is an account of how LR is taking care of the apartments and guests.

Below are 3 ways the Lalco Residency’s team is ensuring to stay safe for its guests.

1. Timely vaccination
LR has followed all government guidelines during this Covid-19 crisis and was able to get its entire team vaccinated as soon as the government made vaccines available. Every member of the LR Team has been vaccinated to ensure our team, our families and our guests are as safe and healthy as possible. This Mumbai serviced apartment hotel is safe and well-prepared for your visit!

2. Abiding by the Covid rules and regulations
LR follows the strictest Covid-19 precautions in all areas of its serviced apartment hotel. It has taken guidance from the Indian government, Maharashtra government, and the World Health Organization to ensure all of the safest and best practices are followed. Right from wearing masks at all times to sanitizing the spaces regularly, LR’s staff is trained and aware of all the rules and make sure to implement the same.

3. Keeping up with social distancing
One of the most crucial points during this pandemic is to maintain social distancing. LR’s staff constantly keeps an eye on gatherings and makes sure that social distancing norms are maintained within the premises at all times. This not only ensures that the rules are being followed but also means that it gives the highest priority to guests’ health and safety.


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