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Tips to Stay Fit

Lalco Residency is the best serviced apartment in Mumbai for a reason. All of the services available at LR are focused on our guests. We are geared at providing our guests with a relaxing stay that feels like home. LR offers a living room ideal for our guest’s needs. There is enough space to relax, entertain, work from home, or even do an at home workout. Humans are ought to move, and many of our body’s systems function better when we are physically active regularly. Given the current situation, being fit and healthy is more vital than ever. In an LR living room, our guests may unwind their minds and bodies. You don’t have to stress about space to meditate, do some yoga or even workout.

While you enjoy your stay at LR, there are several activities and measures you may do to enhance your physical well-being and boost your immunity.

Jumping jacks, burpees, push-ups, lunges, and squats are all great ways to workout different areas of your body. There’s no need for heavy weights or fancy machines. You can do a full-body workout, right in your own living room.
At LR, you can fit total-body training into a hectic schedule without missing a beat because you are not stuck in a single bedroom like you are at almost every other hotel in Mumbai.

Yoga is one of the best ways to exercise your body and your mind. Not only does it allow you to stretch your muscles but it allows you to relax your mind. Yoga is beneficial to people of all ages.

There are different yoga poses out there. Each one has its share of benefits. Suryanamaskar, often misunderstood as only a back and muscle strengthening exercise, provides a comprehensive exercise for your entire body.

Mountain pose improves posture and can help relieve back discomfort when done frequently. It can help to keep your digestive system on track and it can help you develop a better sense of equilibrium with your body.

Pranayama is the discipline of controlling one’s breath. In people of all ages, pranayama decreases perceived stress levels which can help lower blood pressure and lead to many other health benefits. Practicing these asanas and postures will only benefit your health.

Make sure the next time you are staying in Mumbai you have space to keep yourself healthy. Call us, email us, Whatsapp us or even DM us to get the best rates and deals available for your next stay at our serviced apartments in Mumbai. The LR Team is ready for your arrival.


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