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Top 5 Most Yummy Indian Snacks

You are never too old for snacks! Snacks are something which will make your mouth water and never leave you satisfied. There is always room for snacks on an average Indian diet. And Mumbai is a city which is loaded with snacks on every corner, every street, every Galli (lane) and pretty much everywhere else. Here are the top 5 snacks that you must try during your next visit here.

This is known as the staple food of Mumbaikars, as it is loved and enjoyed by everyone. This is a deep-fried potato dumpling served with a type of bread and is eaten with green chillies. If you’re going to have only one snack in Mumbai, make it VadaPav.

If you wanna give a buttery-spicy treat to your taste-buds, then Pav Bhaji is your pick. This is lip-smacking thick-red vegetable gravy served with a type of bread and lots of butter. Pav Bhaji of Mumbai is famous all over India and is available at almost every stall and restaurant.

This well-known savoury snack of Mumbai is known as Bhel. This is a mixture of vegetables and sweet-spicy sauces garnished with coriander, onions, lemon and other spices.

This Sandwich is very iconic to Mumbai and is meant to be found at every street and corner. The Bombay Sandwich contains tomatoes, onions, potatoes, cucumbers and beetroot with mint chutney (sauce) and is eaten by everyone in Mumbai as a favourite snack.

Mumbai streets are filled with amazing Kebabs of many styles. Kebabs are grilled meat sticks served with onions. These Kebabs will surely make you fall in love with Mumbai and its food.

The best time to visit Mumbai is in winter where you relish all these snacks piping hot. Are all you, gourmands loving it? So book your stay at Lalco Residency which is the best alternative for costly hotels. LR also offers 5-star amenities to its customers and the concierge desk will assist you in finding out the best places for having these snacks.