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Best Places for a Walk in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the best cities for people who love to walk. Whether you’re in town for a short visit and are looking for a great way to explore the city, or you’re in town for a longer trip and looking for a relaxing break, Mumbai’s got a place to walk for you. 1.

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Best Places to See Animals in Mumbai

Mumbai is more than just a commercial city of some 22,000,000 people. It also has some of the best wildlife you can find in any urban centre in the world. When visiting Mumbai, we highly recommend people take the time out to enjoy the nature within the city the limits. Below, we have listed some

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Best Activities for Kids

Travelling with kids on a vacation can be hectic. Kids easily get bored and distracted but on the other hand, they love to explore all destinations as they are curious beings and time is never the constraint for them. So why not involve some kid’s fun time in your itinerary and enjoy some tantrum-free and

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Best Beaches In Mumbai

Mumbai is known for many things… It is India’s financial capital, it is home to the second largest film industry in the world, Bollywood, and it boasts many famous beaches and promenades within its metropolitan borders. If you are looking for a way to destress in the midst of one of busiest cities in the world, finding the right beach can be the perfect escape. Below is our curated...

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Elephanta caves

Best Places for Picnics in Mumbai

Everyone requires a day out for enjoying time with friends and family. Recharging yourself from time to time ensures the recovery from any type of stress. Planning a picnic to explore the greenery and fun activities or even some much-needed seclusion can surely be a stress buster. Here is a list of the best places

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