Lalco Residency

World of Sabrina – Scholarship Contest Winner

We have been on beaches many a time, haven’t we? We enjoy the sunset, the waves meeting the shore, birds, and animals wandering lazily around and many more. We all would love to live in a world of our own imagination. But we were thrilled when we read the thoughts of our Scholarship Contest Winner Sabrina. Let us see the world, Sabrina wishes to live in.

Sabrina :
My photograph shows a world I wish to live in, one where everyone supports one another and works as a team to reach a common goal. I recently graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and I will be pursuing my Master’s degree this fall. As an undergraduate, I was involved in the American Society of Civil Engineers. Each year, we design, build, and race a concrete canoe (yes – a canoe made of concrete!) against other colleges. This photograph shows a year’s worth of hard work and dedication to building the greatest canoe we possibly could as a team. Teammates from my school are carrying the canoe down to the lake where it is about to be judged for its design, then raced. Each person carrying the canoe poured hours of work to make it the best it could possibly be, and carries it with pride knowing that it is the product of a cohesive team and many lessons that will carry on with us the rest of our lives. This is the world I want to live in: a place where each person carries their weight to make the world a better place; a place where we are all proud of what we have achieved; a place where we can support one another as we ourselves develop personally and professionally.

No wonder Sabrina was chosen by us as one of the winners. Many problems would solve if we all are proud of the decisions we have taken in our life and take the responsibility of the same. Along with that, it is always
better to help others as when we help others, we evolve our self.

We wish Sabrina all the best for her great future and congratulate her for being the winner of our Scholarship
contest 2018-19.