Lalco Residency

Lalco Residency: What We are Doing to Keep You Safe During Covid-19

Needless to say that the COVID-19 pandemic or Coronavirus as it is called, is creating havoc across the globe. It is really devastating for all peoples and all countries around the world. Every government of all the countries are taking quick and immediate decisions to restrict and if possible to stop the spread of the Covid-19 and we must do our part as well. In this chaotic situation, all companies and every individual must be responsible for their own safety, the safety of their teams and their loved ones and everyone and every company must take proper measures to stay safe and healthy.

Lalco Residency has been prompt in taking the initiative to protect not only its staff but also its guests. We took immediate measures by providing everyone with masks and hand sanitizers for their use inside and outside of our premises. We are checking the health of every individual on regular intervals. We already provide all of our team members with health insurance, so they feel safe and secure when they need to visit a doctor or hospital. We have also started scanning temperatures of all people entering Lalco Residency.

Lalco Residency is known globally for its well mannered staff, services and cleanliness. However in this pandemic situation, the staff, which is staying in the serviced apartment itself, has been taking extra care not only for themselves but also for the guests. The corridors, stairs, lifts and every floor is cleaned multiple times at regular intervals.

The best part about staying at Lalco Residency even in this pandemic is that, being a serviced apartment, it has spacious rooms, kitchen and laundry machines in each apartment which results in independent living for the guests eliminating any dependency on the laundry service or the restaurants. If guests would like to order from our restaurant they are more than welcome to. We have stocked up on supplies to ensure we can continue to provide a variety of high level F&B options to our guests.

We have limited entry to Lalco Residency to our team and our guests. At Lalco Residency, only 2 apartments are occupied per floor in order to maintain social distancing. Most floors have only one guest per floor.

Undoubtedly, the staff and the guests are safe at Lalco Residency following the news and all the government specific rules, maintaining less contact with the outer world and staying in clean and spacious apartments instead of cramped rooms.