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Beth 1

Two Sides of Beth’s World – Scholarship Contest Winner

Many a times we look at others and think that their life is more beautiful than ours. But we fail to see what lies behind the bars. There are always 3 sides of a story, The A’s side, the B’s side and the truth. It is always better to see the truth as it is not manipulative. Our Scholarship Contest Winner Beth has written very beautifully her perspective about diversity of people’s mindset. Let us read her version of the world she wants to live in.

I enjoy using my camera to capture the world from interesting points of view. This photograph was taken while snorkeling with my family on holiday. I strongly believe it encapsulates the world I want to live in from a metaphorical standpoint.

The photograph shows the waterline of the ocean, dividing two worlds – above the surface and what lies beneath. Above, everything appears calm with few clouds in the sky. Below, a variety of striking and unsightly fish scurry around, darting in and out of the coral foundation. These fish have the ability to create damage and inevitably do, but even the most damaged coral has the possibility for repair and growth.

In life, we typically see people on the surface level, assuming that everything is ok. Inside, we are very unique, made up of diverse experiences, both positive and negative, that make us who we are. These experiences affect us in different ways depending on how strong our foundation is. And even if we feel broken or hopeless, there is always the possibility to recover and become renewed.

The world I would like to live in would allow me to easily see and appreciate the diversity of others as well as their true inner beauty. I could gain an understanding of what they are going through in order to help them through hard times.

I am a student at Liberty University, studying Visual Communication & Design. My greatest hope is to use what I learn in the classroom to help local small businesses within my community by finding ways to tell their story in thoughtful and impactful ways.

Thank you for your time and consideration. This scholarship would greatly help me with my studies from a financial aspect and allow me to achieve my dream of helping others.

We wish Beth all the best for her great future and congratulate her for being the winner of our Scholarship contest 2018-19.