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Top 5 Things To Do Before Monsoon Season Hits Mumbai


Whether you’re a Mumbaikar or visiting the city for a while, your stay here would be incomplete without a road trip to Lonavala. Get set for a quick getaway through beautiful hillsides via the easy to navigate first-class Mumbai-Pune Expressway to Lonavala. Tiger Point is where you should stop for a round of corn pakodas and chai on your way to Lonavala. The breathtaking views of the Sahyadris are just a bonus!


Mumbai offers a number of amazing places to take an outdoor stroll or even a quick run by the water. Marine Drive, Worli Sea Face and Juhu Beach are just 3 of the many options for residents and visitors of the city to take in some fresh air and walk along with the Arabian Sea without the hindrance of cars or other vehicles blocking your way. A long walk or run through one of these public spaces will rejuvenate your soul to the core.


Camping can turn out to be the best therapy for all the workaholics. It’s a great way to spend some relaxing time with a gang of friends or family. Our favourite spots for a camping trip are Alibaug, for a little beach camping, Pawna Lake, for some more traditional lake-side camping, and Bhandardara, where you can find a beautiful nature trail to add some wonderful walks to your camping trip. Stargazing at Igatpuri is also one of our favourites and provides a whole new experience on a night out with your friends.


In every Traveler’s bucket list, a road trip on a bike is a must & travelling just before the monsoon arrives makes it the best time to take your bike down the street. Places like Lonavala/ Khandala, Alibaug, Malshej Ghat, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar are the best to have an amazing time with your friends.


Water parks in summer are just the best day out with family. Our favourite one is, the Water Kingdom, the biggest & the oldest water park in the area. It is so popular, estimates suggest it gets almost 2 million visitors every year. One of the most impressive rides here is called What a Coaster, and this is an adult’s only slide. The speed tops at 40 miles an hour and it’s a great ride for some screaming fun.