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Top 5 Street Food in Mumbai


Rabri faluda is a sweet, rich drink—so thick it’s served with a spoon—consisting of vermicelli noodles (“faluda,” the same kind that is in another classic sweet dish, Kulfi Faluda) and a pasty traditional sweet called Rabri, made of boiled milk, cream, sugar, nuts, and cardamom. The Rabri is scooped on top of a glass of Faluda, then topped with crushed ice and mixed well. It’s a very heavy, floral drink, likely with Persian roots. You will get this drink anywhere in the streets of Mumbai.


There are few amazing munchy sellers to make the late-night work or early morning breakfast wonderful. This is the best breakfast binge for all Mumbaikars. You will find this Bun Maska & Tea near Churchgate Station also near Andheri West Station.


Misal Pav is a popular dish from Maharashtra, India. It consists of Misal (a spicy curry usually made of sprouted moth beans) and Pav (a type of Indian bread roll). The final dish is topped with potato- chiwda mix, farsan or sev, onions, lemon and coriander (cilantro). It is usually served with toasted buttered Pav or with curd and papad. It is served as a breakfast dish, as a snack and also as a full meal. You can try this mouthwatering Maharashtrian dish in anywhere in Mumbai Restaurants.


Mumbai is known for its soul fulfilling delicious street food. One of them has to be Pav Bhaji. It’s the cheapest & yummiest street foods. Pav Bhaji has been a hit since the 1960s. Visitors who come to visit Mumbai should definitely savour this dish in Juhu Chowpatty. The stalls there have their own monopoly for these street food items & have an amazing taste.


To most Mumbaikars, when street food is mentioned, they automatically think of Vada Pav. What is Vada Pav? Well, the Pav, as you know now is a bread bun, served with many of our favourite street foods, and the Vada refers to a potato or “aloo” in Hindi, patty. Vada Pav is traditionally served with mint chutney and dry garlic chutney. I personally like just the dry garlic chutney. It might seem very simple but very few people have mastered the art of making it the right way. This is one snack you should definitely try when you visit Mumbai. I am a die-hard fan of fried food and Vada Pav is one of my favourites.