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Top 5 Must Try Indian Dals

When it comes to Indian food, no meal is complete without Dal and Rice. From every household to every restaurant, Dal is something which is rejoiced everywhere. India is known for the various spices and lentils used in Dals (and not only for butter chicken). And when it comes to food, Mumbai is in a class of its own in India. So here are some mouth-watering Dals to check out:

This Dal originates from Punjabi cuisine. It is made of whole black lentils and red kidney beans infused in spicy red gravy served with onions and fried rotis.The best Dal Makhni is served at Koalas and Oye Kakke.

Dal fry is the perfect soul mate for jeera rice. This Dal is made from Arhar Dal (split arhar gram) with some gravy and a touch of burnt garlic and onions to give the sizzle.Best dal fry is served at Zaffrans and Bademiyas.

Indeed heaven in your mouth! This Dal is made from boiled Masoor Dal (split red lentil) in a thick gravy and garnished with onions and coriander. Masoor Dal tastes best with cheese garlic naan.

Aamti is originated from Maharashtrian cuisine. This is a blend of the sweet-sour taste of yellow gram garnished with coconut. This Maharashtrian Dal is served with Puranpoli (sweet rotis). Aamti is served at Aaswad and 29 states.

If you have a sweet tooth, then this Gujarati cuisine sweet Dal is just for you! This Dal is made from Toor Dal (pigeon peas) which will stimulate your sweet senses. The best Gujarati Dal is served at Rajdhani and Status.

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