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2018 06 22

Free Things to do in Mumbai

Mumbai is one city that has something you can explore at every corner. It is a never-ending list of
places where you go.

1. Hike at Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Sanjay Gandhi National Park located in Borivali is one of the most visited national parks in the world. Situated in the middle of the metropolis limit, people and animals have found a way to adjust and live in the same habitat. Spread over 104 sq. km. This park attracts over 2 million visitors every year. Apart from animals, one can also check out the Kanheri Caves to see sculptures, relief carvings, paintings, and inscriptions, that are around 2400 years old.

2. Marvel the Architecture
There are many old buildings and historical monuments that are worth the marvel in Mumbai. When you travel towards South Mumbai there are buildings that have a great architecture with intricate detail work. These monuments have stood tall and strong for over 50+ years. You can visit the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Gateway of India, The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel (Colaba), and old buildings near Charni Road and areas around. The Flora Fountain in the Fort area is a beautiful and functional fountain you must view.

3. Dhobi Ghat
Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai is the huge laundry area where clothes (mainly from hotels and hospitals) are washed in public. Here clothes are washed in large numbers by washers, or dhobiwalas, that wash the clothes by themselves. There are strings over their head where they hang the clothes. Dhobi Ghat opens at 4:30 AM and many foreigners throng here to experience this process. The easiest way to view it is from the Mahalaxmi Bridge.

4. Visit the old and beautiful churches Afghan Church is also known as St. John the Evangelist Church is situated in Colaba. This church was built by the British to commemorate the death of their soldiers during the First Afghan War. The construction of the more permanent church was taken up in 1873 and again in 2014 after being
given Heritage structure by the government. The church is still operational and holds masses for the residents of Navy Nagar, Colaba.

Many other churches are there around Mumbai –
a. Mount Mary Church (Bandra)
b. Cathedral of the Holy Name, Mumbai (Colaba)

5. Enjoy the sunset at various beaches
Mumbai being surrounded by water on three sides has many beaches for you to explore. Our previous blog, Best places to Hang Out in Mumbai has all information regarding the main beaches around Mumbai. Take a walk or just relax at the beach with no time constraints.
If you visit Mumbai, during September then you can also enjoy Ganesh Chaturthi festivities – dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the deity of Hindus. The culture of the people shines brightly during festivals.

6. Visit Temples and Shrines Being a country tied to the cultural routes – there are many temples to visit. The Babulnath Temple (Chowpatty) and Siddhivinayak Temple (Dadar) are the most visited. There is also a hidden Buddhist
temple situated in Worli – Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple. It is a 100-year-old temple situated in the middle of the city. Haji Ali Dargah is a mosque situated in the middle of the Worli Bay is famous and attract almost 8,000 visitors every week. To reach the Dargah you need to cross a narrow causeway (almost 0.62 km long) which is dependent on the tides.

7. Explore the markets
There are markets in and around Mumbai where you can buy essentials and gifts, antiques etc. At Sassoon Dock near Cuffe Parade, you can with your own eyes witness the buzzy and large fish market. The 142-year-old dock recently has been given a great makeover.

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