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Street Food of India in Mumbai

If you are in the mood to pamper your taste buds, find your excuse to ditch your diet, and walk through some of the best food galis in the city. Yes, you are at the right place! Mumbai, the city of dreams for infinites. Millions come from far and wide into this land, in the search of love, acceptance, fame, money and whatnot. And all these people need to tantalize the taste of Mumbai street food.

So here is the ultimate list of all those places where you can slurp, bite, gulp or hoard the street foods in Mumbai when you are visiting this sparkling city.

Lalco Cafe:
Who doesn’t love Sev Puri? When you take a full bite of Sev Puri, the explosion of flavors in your mouth is just overwhelming. The Sev Puri, which is sweet, spicy or tangy is a flattened round shaped puri that is topped with mashed potatoes, onions, cilantro, and a trio of tamarind, garlic, and chili sauces and a handful of sev. It is a perfect snack whether you are hungry or not, it is that good. Lalco Cafe at Lalco Residency at JVLR, Mumbai serves one of the best Sev Puris. Being a true street food lover, you surely can’t miss this one. If you haven’t yet tasted this legendary street food at Lalco Cafe, then you’re certainly missing out on something special.
Lalco Cafe, that started as an in-house restaurant for Lalco Residency, has grown into one of the best restaurants in the city offering multiple cuisines and flavors. From a traditional Thali or Biryani to chinese and continental cuisines, Lalco Cafe has got what you desire.

Jai Jawan:
Treat yourself to the exciting mouth-watering seafood with unique aroma. Jai Jawan cuisine has a wide range of dishes and has become people’s favorite place in a short span of time. Indian food dishes, including fry seafood, have always been everyone’s favourite at Jai Jawan. This restaurant, located on Linking Road, Bandra and Khar and Lokhandwala Andheri, is worth a try for unique cuisines.

Baba Falooda
Baba Falooda is an entity in Mahim is everyone’s favourite. There are various ice-cream and falooda options that may befuddle, Baba Falooda have their dessert priorities set when you go there. Baba Special Falooda gives the best of both worlds with a falooda with cut pieces of kulfi floating on the top. It also has dry fruits and is one of the best that can be recommended. Making way for a hearty meal, try Baba Falooda in Mumbai.
Bademiya is an iconic food stall in Colaba, Mumbai. This restaurant is a popular landmark and tourist attraction of Mumbai. Bademiya is famous for its variety of Mughlai cuisines. Awarded for Excellence in Mughali food, it offers authentic Mughlai food, which also includes grilled barbeque and soup with its famous secret spices.

The street foods in Mumbai are the melting pot of many cultures. These street foods continue to amaze locals and tourists alike. Any trip to Mumbai is incomplete without feasting on these delicacies.


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