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Juhu Beach

The sands touching your feet, the sound of the waves, the sight of a perfect sunset, doesn’t it sound magical? Amidst the fast-paced city life in Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, also live some beautiful beaches. But today out of many we will talk about the most famous beach in Mumbai’s Suburbs, Juhu Beach. Juhu Beach in Mumbai is one of the most-visited beaches of India. Click to read.

It is situated in ‘Vile Parle’, approximately 18 km from the city center. It has been one of the most desired locations for shooting Bollywood films for the past several decades.

Tourists visit this beach because of its peaceful atmosphere and its scenic beauty. Juhu Beach is also known for its local delicacies and street food. The food stalls set up here offer excellent cuisines and snack items. People in Mumbai visit this beach to relax and enjoy after a long, tedious day. The extravagant restaurants are located at the southern end of the beach. Watching the sunset in this wonderful place, guarded by the vast Arabian Sea, is a dream-like vision for anyone who gets a chance to visit.

Juhu beach is just one among so many beaches in Mumbai. Soon we will talk about them as well! If you are planning to visit Mumbai then Juhu beach is a must visit. Book your stay with Lalco Residency to enjoy the comfort of home and the amenities of a 5-star hotel. We are just 20 minutes away from Juhu Beach. Hoping to see you soon…