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Serviced Apartments: A Home Away From Home

Travelling forms an important part of our active life. Some travel for work, some for adventure and others for greater exposure to life’s facets. An open secret about travelling is that everyone misses certain aspects of the home. Let’s face it; hotel rooms don’t exactly emulate a homely feel with their overtly manicured experience. At such times, a serviced apartment is arguably the best option. Click here to read more…

As tough as it may be for hotels to accept, a hotel room is actually just a fancy bedroom. Just one. For someone to spend a night, it’s fine. But anything more than that and the cramped nature of a hotel room gets to you. Serviced apartments, on the other hand, are much like a mini-home. Very often, they have a separate living room, bedroom, and even a kitchen. Lalco Residency, one of western Mumbai’s best-serviced apartments, located in Andheri has such a structure. They offer a full kitchen and a minimum of 2 full bathrooms, even in a single bedroom apartment. So, you can organize your things better, live more freely and not have the feeling of being cooped in a tiny room.

One of the major advantages of a serviced apartment over a hotel room is the choice of multiple rooms in a single apartment; yet integrated into a single unit. Oakwood Premier in Juhu, Mumbai has multiple choices. For a big family or a large corporate team traveling together, different hotel rooms become a compulsion and more often than not, a massive inconvenience. With serviced apartments, everyone can occupy different bedrooms in a single apartment, share breakfast on the dining table, watch a movie together in the living room and interact in a homelike atmosphere.

One may argue that cooking is not exactly on anyone’s wish list while traveling. But a kitchen with basic utensils, a fridge, and a microwave can come in handy in more ways than you can imagine. Whether it is whipping up a quick, healthy breakfast, catering to special dietary requirements of senior citizens or patients or even making a quick-bite at an odd hour, having your own kitchen is a big boon. In fact, serviced apartments at Andheri’s Lalco Residency come with a fully-equipped kitchen, to make you feel at home. As an added plus, cooking your meals helps you monitor intangibles such as customisation and hygiene, while also saving a lot of your hard-earned money.

Many people choose to stay in a hotel because it has certain important facilities and amenities. But many don’t know that even serviced apartments come with almost all the trimmings of a hotel. Lalco Residency and Taj Wellington Mews have many of the amenities found in hotels. Swimming pools, gyms, conference halls, business communication centers, restaurants, concierge services, housekeeping services and much more, are all readily available as a part of most serviced apartments.

Besides all the other advantages of serviced apartments, one stands taller than the others. It’s much cheaper than a hotel room that offers a similar experience. Irrespective of who pays the bill, an individual or a company, who doesn’t like to save money? Just imagine the kind of interest you’ll earn from your savings account or an investment, from all the money you’ll save. Which is why we say that a penny saved is not just a penny earned, it’s a pound.

The next time you decide to travel for any reason and think about making hotel bookings stop and think. With some basic analysis and calculation, we’re sure you’ll pick a serviced apartment over any hotel room. After all, post a long day it’s always a better feeling to come back to a warm, lively home away from home; rather than a lonely, antiseptic hotel room.


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