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Enjoy Mumbai During Rains

Rainy season is here, and it’s going full throttle in Mumbai currently. Overcast sky, cool breeze and light drizzle have become a constant around the city. This weather brings out the nature lover in lot of us, and many enthusiasts are found taking up the challenge of trekking and exploring the wildlife Mumbai has to offer during Monsoons. However, there are equal numbers of us who dread the onset of Monsoons, because it means that the outdoors will get mucky, wet and generally difficult to tread in. So what can you do in Mumbai during the monsoons without getting wet? There is loads this city has to offer, in terms if indoor entertainment. Let’s have a look at 4 terrific places to drop by when vesting Mumbai during Monsoons. And if you have yet not finalized where to stay, don’t look any further than Lalco Residency, they offer the most awesome service apartments in Mumbai. They will make your stay feel like a slice of heaven right here on earth.

So let’s dive into the indoor entertainment Mumbai has to offer

You can’t miss this. It is a complete entertainment house right here in Mumbai. Situated in Kamla Mills in Lower Parel, Smaaash offers hosts of activates. Depending on what makes you tick you can choose from Ziplining, Sky Karting, Doge Ball, W.A.R Paintball, FlyMax and much more. They even offer a unique take on bowling; called Twilight Bowling. Here you get to practice your bowling skills under UV lights! It’s a unique experience, something bowling lovers will definitely enjoy. But that’s not all, Smaaash also offers plethora of dining options. From Sports bar, to Desserts bar they have something to tempt all taste buds.

For the Movie Buff:
Get me a good movie, a bag of munchies and some cool seats, and I’m set for the entire weekend. If this describes you then august is the month for you. There are bunch of Hollywood, as well as Bollywood moves releasing g this month. For the Disney lover’s, there’s ‘Pete’s Dragon’ a movie about a boy named Pete and his dragon, who have lived together for 6 years, until the hunters get on their case. For the history lover’s there is ‘Ben-Hur’. This is a historical epic action film, which tells the story of a falsely accused nobleman, who attempts to get a revenge via a grand chariot race. The movie also features Jesus of Nazareth, and how he influences the nobleman. Bollywood too has something to offer for the history lovers this month, there is ‘Mohenjo Daro’ an epic adventure romance film, starring Hrithik Roshan in lead role. This film is set in 2016 BC, in the ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro. Director Ashutosh Gowariker took 3 years to develop this film with archeologist, to ensure the correctness of sets etc. If you love comedy then ‘Nine Lives’ is just for you. Find out what happens when a major business tycoon gets trapped in the body of a cat! He has a week to save himself, or he’s doomed to be a cat forever.

Shopping anyone?
Bring out the shopaholic in you by visiting Phoenix Market City, one of the largest malls in the country. Spread across 4.1 million sqft, this mall has exhaustive mix of National and International brands. 600 stores, 14 movie screens and 70 restaurants! For those seeking entertainment there’s lots of options. You can experience freezing rains at snow world, or take a flight 4 fantasy and enjoy a plane ride. And for those with detective mind, there’s India’s 1st live escape game in form of Clue Hunt. Best part is that Phoenix Market City Mall is located at Kurla, in the suburbs of Mumbai away from the crowded main Metro area. And if you stay at Lalco Residency, this mall is a mere 10 km away.

Find some peace:
ISKCON Temple at Juhu is a famous landmark of suburban Mumbai. Set upon 4 acres of land, and a stone throw away from Juhu beach, this temple is a must visit for every tourist. Installed here are beautifully carved statues of Lord Rama, Laxman and Devi Sita. Also installed are numerous dioramas, depictingscenes from various Hindu scriptures. This temple is open to people of all religions, and often foreigners can be found mingling here with localities. Do not leave the temple without having a taste off the famous canteen here. The food is decadent, only pure veg offerings are served, cooked using finest ingredients and lots of devotion; it’s sure to leave you wanting for more.

Drop it all and plan your trip to Mumbai right away. Book you stay with Lalco Residency and you can even use their chauffer service to make all the travel arrangements. So get going. Visit Mumbai and enjoy all the city has to offer.

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