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Top 5 Most Yummy Indian Snacks

You are never too old for snacks! Snacks are something which will make your mouth water and never leave you satisfied. There is always room for snacks on an average Indian diet. And Mumbai is a city which is loaded with snacks on every corner, every street, every Galli (lane) and pretty much everywhere else.

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Top 5 Places to Enjoy Local Food in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city which is full of flavors. This multi-cuisine city has fancy restaurants with delectable menus but let’s be honest these restaurants sometimes can be really expensive for your pockets. That’s the time these two magical words come to rescue – Street Food.

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Top 5 Must Try Indian Dals

When it comes to Indian food, no meal is complete without Dal and Rice. From every household to every restaurant, Dal is something which is rejoiced everywhere. India is known for the various spices and lentils used in Dals (and not only for butter chicken).

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