Lalco Residency

Indian Street Food in Mumbai

As diverse and colorful Indian culture is, so is the Indian street food. The vast variety of street food, can’t even be categorized state wise as every city has its own specialty. Whether sweet or spicy, Street Food in India offers it all. If you are a food lover, we have the list of the

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Lalco Residency: A Convenient Option For Any Type Of Stay

May it be a corporate trip or accommodation for your wedding guests, we have the answer ready for you, ‘Lalco Residency’. Whether you are on a business trip, or relocating to the area, or simply visiting for a month or two, Lalco Residency at Andheri East in Mumbai is the perfect serviced apartment for you.

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Immunity Boosting Local Fruits

If you are trying to boost your immune system, you may be wondering how to help your body fight off illnesses. Your Immune system does defend you against disease causing microorganisms. Now, it is possible to intervene in this process to boost your immune system making it even stronger in a natural way. By improving

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Staycation at Lalco Residency

What if you could enjoy your vacation, without burning a hole in your pocket? For you to get all of the comforts of home and all of the services of a hotel, we bring an opportunity of a staycation at Lalco Residency in Mumbai.

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